Killer Knife

It was the simplest and most sincere of gifts, straight from the heart and addressing a real need.

We were just about to drive away from our daughter’s home after spending two weeks together biking and camping along the Pacific Coast Highway. She knew our RV kitchen gear intimately, as we’d worked together to churn out one gourmet end-of-day feast after another with minimal equipment.

“Wait a minute, guys. I’ve got something for you,” she said and dashed back into her home. Minutes later she returned with something orange, small and VERY sharp.

A Kuhn-Rikon paring knife is a thing of beauty. It comes in 14 colors outfitted with a protective sheath. It is NOT a “scrape-towards-your-thumb” utensil, used akin to the classic potato peeler. To do so is to risk scraping the skin, if not the muscle, from your thumb and wearing a bandage for days. But it can slice paper-thin with great delicacy and just as efficiently cut through a thick, less-than-tender piece of beef. It nips the leaves and pulp out of strawberries with no waste of fruit, and stands up to more robust tasks of cutting through the tough outer shell of a squash or watermelon. I bet it could handle leather. I once bought a knife (one of those checkout counter bargains) that looked like a small machete and advertised it was capable of taking down small trees.If I were lost in a jungle, I’d rather have my Kuhn-Rikon.

It’s our knife of choice for cheese, for chopping vegetables, slicing bread, and dissecting the rare piece of meat that crosses our plates. I have a complete set of carving knives outfitting our RV that we barely touch since K-R climbed on board. Neither my husband or I have risked bringing it into our home, as much as we’d like to. Few things left behind would necessitate turning around, but our Kuhn-Rikon is definitely one. We’ll buy one for the house as soon as we can agree on the next color.

2 thoughts on “Killer Knife

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