About Me

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan, headed East when I was married and have lived in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, and Massachusetts. I began traveling as soon as I could crawl and writing as soon as I could hold a pencil. Many years later, they’re both passions of my life. My travels have prompted essays, short stories, and inspired my novels. My writing has prompted me to explore new areas of the world I’ve never been drawn to before and given me an agenda to focus my explorations. With all this and my music too, life is rich.

Thus far, my publications include a treatise entitled Negotiating the Mine Field: The Conduct of Academic Research in Compliance with Export Controls (guaranteed to put you to sleep unless you’ve got a vested interested in exporting something on the Munitions List or Commerce Control List), poetry, essays, newspaper columns and news articles. Since retiring four years ago, I’ve focused mainly on my novels, including a science/historical fiction work for children entitled Moonstone Travelers, a contemporary romance entitled The Flight of Broken Wing, and a historical novel entitled Mismatch. I’ve also written many short stories and essays. Writing is a passion that doesn’t stop and finds a niche in every facet of my life.

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