The Flight of Broken Wing

Wall Street financier Monique Chandler is known for her tough negotiating skills and has never lived anywhere but New York City. But a jilting fiancé makes her doubt not only her femininity but her ability to survive outside the comfortable life she enjoys in the city, and an isolated cabin in the mountains of Idaho seems to be the ideal place to prove him wrong and figure out who she really is.

Sebastian Barber, former Marine helicopter pilot and owner of the cabin, knows exactly who he is: the one who gives the orders and makes the rules others have to follow. A confirmed male chauvinist, he believes every woman needs a man to take care of her. Especially Monique, after she sets his cabin on fire.

But taking orders isn’t in her blood, and her fiery temper send sparks flying as they battle their way to find a common ground for their lives and their love. But some things you have to do alone, and learning to be a person in your own right is one of them. She runs away to do just that, forcing Sebastian to face his own challenges too. But the road back together isn’t easy. Or safe.

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