Moonstone Travelers

Where they grew up

Home Sweet Home

What would you do if you (a) were born on a space station, (b) were going to Earth for the first time in your life, and (c) lost your parents along the way?

Oh, and you’re ten years old.

Melanie and Jeremy are twins and their brother Ben is six-years-old. It’s daunting enough to be on your own, but in a strange place they’ve never experienced before and, as they soon learn, in a century long past, they’re going to need everything they’ve learned while living on the space station and what they learn on Earth to solve their dilemma of reconnecting with their parents. Fortunately, they have some help–moonstones their parents discovered on the moons of Mars that enable them to connect for a few brief moments¬†each month.

Their adventures take them from the mountains of Idaho to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. How they find their parents is the greatest adventure of their lives–and a LOT more interesting than growing up on a space station!

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