Summer Meanderings

Florida has somehow been a destination that, for the past few years, has been in the category of “We’ve got to get down there to visit friends.” Too many times our travels have been preempted elsewhere out of necessity. At last we’ll be heading down there, tracking down relatives, friends, and checking out a few highpoints along the way. A first stop for us will be Naples, the farthest south I’ve been on the West Coast of Florida.

Then we’ll head north again to stop in Athens GA to see the Habitat for Humanity site there. Moving onto Columbus, GA, we’ll view what’s in bloom at Calloway Gardens.

Calloway Gardens


The other item on my summer agenda is Philadephia. It’s a city I saw as a child and very briefly as an adult back in the 80’s. I’ll be joining my sister there in a posh hotel room where she’s attending a professional meeting, and will have free rein to explore the city, and likely walk and walk and walk. There are a few friends there I also hope to touch in with. A great way to celebrate my birthday week.

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